Better Names for Musicals

Book of Mormon: Everyone's A Little Bit Racist The Musical

The Drowsy Chaperone: The Great Gatsby with Less Death and More Gays and Spitting The Musical

Les Miserables: You Tried The Musical

Once: It's Okay to Cheat if You Sing About It The Musical

In The Heights: Being Poor Never Looked So Fun The Musical

Kinky Boots: Rent Doesn't Offend Anyone Anymore The Musical

Blood Brothers: Lik Dis If U Crie Evertim <3 The Musical

Matilda: Likable Annie The Musical

Newsies: Disney Characters Are Sexy Sometimes The Musical

Next To Normal: My Son Is Hotter Than My Husband The Musical

Spring Awakening: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Musical

A Chorus Line: Clusterfuck The Musical

Message me if you want me to do your favorite.

musicals these are better titles

Anonymous asked:

How do you like Peter Capaldi as Twelve?

The World of a Crazy Chick Answer:

So, in my opinion, which is what I asked for when Ten regenerated into Eleven, Twelve is the best (IMHO) Doctor in the new series. He is sarcastic and in tune with what’s going on. He doesn’t care that he’s hurting his companion’s feelings because she is JUST A COMPANION. 

She has a boyfriend, he just wants the best for her, just like he has with all his companions. He cares in a nonchalant way, but he should. He should be an alien. He should have strange habits we don’t identify with. He shouldn’t care what he looks like in public. 

I wouldn’t go so far to say BEST DOCTOR EVAR, but he is my favorite Doctor of the new series. He ousted Ten and Eleven in the FIRST FLIPPING EPISODE HE WAS IN COMPLETELY. I love Ten and Eleven, but Twelve is a surly old man who seems to be lonely. His chalkboard is wonderful and I adore it.

beckyhop asked:

Whooooo waaaaants PIZZA?! :D

The World of a Crazy Chick Answer:

Not me, I just had soup and quinoa. 

Anonymous asked:

You mentioned that you are thinking about doing a critical analysis of history as portrayed in video games. What do you think would be on the docket for that series and how often would you do it?

The World of a Crazy Chick Answer:

If I decide to do it, it would not debut until next year at the EARLIEST. I have a lot going on at the moment. But I think it would be bimonthly and would tackle not only history, but heroism, fantasy, and other such motifs that are in multiple games. 

Series I want to look at: Civilization, The Sims, The Elder Scrolls Series, L.A. Noire (in addition to the crossover with tehsmarticus, a more in depth analysis of police officers as a genre of games), Assassin’s Creed, the LEGO franchise, and other suggestions would be more than welcome. 

Anonymous asked:

I miss your career retrospectives from the past two years. The first year it was Shirley Temple and last year you did Alfred Hitchcock and Chaplin's career through The Great Dictator this year. Are there any plans to do one next year and if so on who?

The World of a Crazy Chick Answer:

I suppose you can count the Chaplin episode as the career retrospective this year, sure. Even if it only covers to The Great Dictator. 

As for other career retrospectives, I am hoping to do some on the following: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Mary Pickford, Fatty Arbuckle, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd. I would also like to do one on Abbott & Costello as well. 

Anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the following: Agents of SHIELD, The Flash series, Arrow, and Gotham? I figured I'd ask as you love superheroes.

The World of a Crazy Chick Answer:

I adored the first episode of Agents of SHIELD this season. Basically after the Lady Sif episode it got GOOD. I am waiting to see Flash, but I have high hopes as Arrow is SO DAMN GOOD. I’m only 4 episodes in and it is SO GOOD. I really love that he’s got PTSD and I adore that he has a friend helping him. 

As for Gotham, I watched the first episode. I have never wanted to not watch something that badly in my life. I hated everything about it but Jim Gordon in all honesty. I think the kid playing Bruce Wayne is good too, but there were too many villains and not enough story for me.